Safety advice and supervision of high risk activities

Workplace safety is Priority One. OHS Onsite Advisor offers a dedicated safety professional with over 20 years experience to work onsite for any construction, installation or implementation project across all sectors. Services include planning, training, inspections & documentation, emergency response management and any number of bespoke industry requirements.

Why outsource OHS services?

Contracted OHS is a smart, flexible solution to get the skills you need, when you need them to

  • Ensure compliance with safety requirements
  • Provide a secure work environment
  • Avoid time and costs of recruiting staff
  • Avoid downtime with specialised skills and expertise
  • Enhance your workforce with a consultant who can recruit, train or mentor your managers and teams.

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OHS project consulting

Our senior OHS advisor based in Geelong, Victoria has been called in on diverse projects across Australia, New Zealand and around the world for workplace safety process audits and reviews as well as loss assessments after accidents or incidents.

  • OHS Inspections and Assessments
  • On-site OHS supervision
  • Major construction and installations
  • Overhead and underground services
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Off Site OHS plans

OHS planning, scoping, and authoring plans and procedures are part of our suite of safety services. Talk to us about planning construction activities and contractor compliance well ahead of project start dates. Emergency procedures and Safe Work Method Statements are also created specifically to your needs.

OHS Training

OHS accredited and non accredited safety training is available on specific issues as required ranging from half day workshops to a full coursework through leading group training providers as complimentary non-commissioned referrals. Any accredited training can be scoped and sourced to meet your specific safety needs.

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OHS Contract availability

You can be confident that your project safety is managed in a practical, lawful way. Enlist the help of OHS Onsite Advisor to

  • Assess and implement safety practices
  • Liase with stakeholders and statutory bodies
  • Write safety and emergency plans
  • Conduct briefings, screens and test
  • Determine priority OHS tasks required

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Your OHS Checklist

Use our helpful resources to consider all aspects of your project safety and health requirements. Can your business…

  • Identify safety and health hazards or risks?
  • Conduct safety inspections and deal with non-compliance?
  • Train and induct employees and subcontractors?
  • Ensure subcontractors work safely?
  • Effectively deal with emergencies?
  • Maintain adequate OHS records?

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