Help at hand for your On Site Safety requirements

Our sincere interest in providing safe, responsible work environments goes beyond our contracts. We will help you plan or create an OHS policy for your company or project as your independent OHS partner.

To review the basics, please have a look at our OHS Checklist and suggested resources for further information.

Your OHS Checklist

  • Are people you employ trained and supervised for tasks they undertake?
  • Are contractors skilled to the required level for the job they are doing?
  • Is the equipment you use compliant with Australian Standards?

Can your business…

  • Identify safety and health hazards or risks?
  • Conduct safety inspections?
  • Deal with non-compliance?
  • Train or induct employees and subcontractors?
  • Ensure subcontractors work safely?
  • Effectively deal with emergencies?
  • Maintain adequate OHS records?
  • Update managers regularly on OHS practices?

The list goes on. If you are unsure please contact me so we can discuss your workplace. Your duty of care covers a broad spectrum of employees, contractors, visitors, anyone who is impacted by you or your business activities. Let us provide some free advice and help you work safely.

Helpful Resources

Safe Work Australia publishes reports and guidance material available on their website, including National Standards and Operational Plans. See their page at Publications and Resources.

Work Safe Victoria offers a range of guides, training materials and forms, as well as Compliance Codes as WorkSafe downloads.

Safety Institute of Australia has additional resources on their website.

Australian Authorities on Workplace Safety

Worksafe Victoria

Workcover NSW 

Queensland Workplace Safety 

ACT Worksafe 

South Australia Safe Work 

Western Australia Worksafe 

Tasmania Worksafe