Our OHS Advisor will provide safe, compliant work environments for construction, demolitions, damage control or emergency situations

Safety laws and regulations undergo constant revision and change. It is essential that companies know how they are positioned legally to comply with safety laws of any state, territory or country.

To be confident that safety is managed in a meaningful and lawful way, seek the assistance of OHS On Site Advisor Mick Cummins.

 Enlist our OHS advisor services to:

  • Identify hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Carry out safety inspections
  • Correct any non-compliant issues
  • Respond to natural disasters or incidents
  • Select suitably qualified subcontractors
  • Deal with injuries, incidents and emergencies
  • Maintain adequate OHS records




On site OHS supervision

For short-term or long-term contracts for onsite safety advice or supervision of high-risk activities, contact us. 

Our services include, but are not limited to, helping project managers meet standards and requirements for:

  • On site safety assessment of procedures currently in place
  • On site emergency response and plan reviews
  • On site emergency drills and safety briefings

  • On/Offsite planning activities and contractor compliance
  • Writing safety plans for specific projects
  • Skill, responsibility and awareness training

On site OHS training

Every project, every industry and every state have specific safety requirements. To meet the needs for quality, up-to-date training, contact us to assess and advise how to put the best plans in place.

For accredited training through qualified providers with our direct referrals, see our Training section.

  • On a project basis, OHS On Site Advisor can provide:
  • On site evidence gathering for training plans
  • On site verification of activities competency
  • On site emergency drills and desk top exercises
  • On site managers workplace safety mentoring/coaching
  • On site manager briefings for safety trends and issues
  • On site supervision of contractors

Critical Incident Response

We make every effort to respond quickly to natural disasters or any incident requiring emergency response, planning and investigation.

With in-depth experience on how to help manage disasters or critical situations, including recovery work on the NZ 2010 Earthquake and site supervision in Iraq, our scope provides essential services from planning to problem solving.

  • Onsite investigations of incidents
  • On site emergency response plan reviews
  • Offsite scoping of emergency procedures

OHS Audit & Assessment

To explain as on site and off-site all services relating to emergency response, planning and investigation

  • Interviewing new applicants related to safety
  • Offsite writing of safety plans and associated documents such as Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)